Who we are

We are a Unique, Christian, English-speaking, International school in Burundi, Bujumbura.

Accredited by Pearson Edexcel International, we offer an international standard of education, based on the UK curriculum, for children from 18months to 18 years. We offer iprimary, iLowerSecondary, IGCSE and IAL examination

Operating under African Revival Ministries, the school’s mission is:

‘To produce disciples of Jesus, who are equipped spiritually and academically, to serve God, serve the nation and make disciples in Burundi and beyond’
Chrissie Chapman
Chrissie ChapmanFounder of the King's School

How it all started

n 1997 after a period of prayer and fasting, the Lord spoke to Chrissie Chapman and her team about starting a school in Bujumbura. Subsequently, in January 1998, a small school began in Kinindo to educate nine of the orphaned children who were in Chrissie’s care. These children were taught by an expatriate teacher from the U.K., whose living room served as the classroom.


"To produce disciples of Jesus, who are equipped spiritually and academically to serve God, serve the nation and make disciples in Burundi and beyond."

Leadership Team

Principal's Message

I have the privilege to serve as Principal of The Kings School. It is indeed an honour to serve God’s purpose here, along with an awesome team of over a hundred staff and counting.
I come to the King’s School with several years’ experience in the education sector. I have held several leadership positions and pioneered the establishment of schools. My experience involved working with institutions to strengthen leadership, manage start-ups and established schools. My passion remains quality assurance at all levels of school operations, strong leadership advocacy, Montessori Education and school systems audit/maintenance.

The King’s School is a special place to be. This is because it is a school founded solely on scriptural ethos with practical application of the Christian faith in real life situations as we live out our beliefs daily with colleagues and students.  A school where the glory of God is our focus and where we serve as educators on a mission. In The king’s School, we aim to please God in all things (1 Corinthians 5:9). The place of honour as the first English speaking school in the nation is something to be cherished and upheld as a cornerstone of our school culture.

It is our goal to grow a school that is premised on love for the Lord, academic excellence and spiritual development for all. As an international School with Pearson Edexcel accreditation, we aim to foster a strong school spirit to encourage our students perform better academically, be spiritually and socially engaged.

High student achievement is our ultimate goal. We desire our students to show pride in their school, aim for academic excellence, be rooted in their faith in Christ Jesus, have positive self esteem and remain relevant as contributing members to the community, wherever they find themselves.
No one takes the honour of leadership upon himself.  For this reason, I thank the ARM board, the parents and staff for the opportunity to serve the Lord in The King’s School

Kind regards,
Dr Joyce Abu

Thereforewhether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all things for the glory of God (I Corinthians 10:31)

Dr Joyce Abu
Dr Joyce AbuPrincipal of the King's School
Qualified Teachers

II Rue Kiganda, Kinindo, Bujumbura
86 Avenue du Large

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