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English Language Support

Support is available for students transferring from French-speaking systems and the school’s staff are used to helping less-able English-speakers to settle in to the U.K. system.

We recognise that international schooling options are limited in Bujumbura and so we are very keen to help students who struggle with English as much as we can.

Our approach varies across the school according to the ages of our students:

Nursery – Year 2: Students with little or no English can easily be accommodated in class with little additional support

Years 3 – 6: Dedicated staff are available to provide specific English language coaching in addition to a student’s normal schooling

Year 7 – 9: Adapting to an English-speaking environment can be particularly challenging at this level. However, the school is now able to offer additional English language support to students joining from a French-speaking system.

Years 10 – 13: Due to the challenging nature of the iGCSE and A-Level examinations, which are marked in the U.K., students in the top four years are expected to have an existing proficiency in the English language. However, parents should be encouraged that students do successfully transition and support can be considered for students that need a modest amount of improvement.

Parents wishing to discuss language support options should contact the Heads of Primary or Secondary as appropriate (Contact Us)